Monday, July 24, 2006

About my blog...

This blog is going to be about my personal experiences on the road to getting the FairTax passed. I will be posting links to articles I read about the FairTax, quoting good parts and bad parts, adding to good points, expounding on better ones, and refuting bad information.

People I run into and discuss the FairTax will be included here as well. I will only post their names if they give me permission to, otherwise they will be known by their initials or descriptions (blonde female student, short curly-haired professor, etc).

I am writing this blog for many purposes. To track my view of the FairTax, and see if it changes over time. To see the reactions of the general public over time (the written word has a longer memory than does the mind). To be able to reference my responses to certain complaints and/or questions about the FairTax. It may even get to the point where others can use it for their own benefit.

This blog may have five viewers, it may have twenty, or it may have twenty-thousand. I do not know, and the size of my audience is not my main concern. I want to use this blog to help move the FairTax forward, and if that means using it to get the word out to many people, so be it. If it means simply using it as a personal reference, then that is fine too. I just want to do all I can to get HR 25 passed as quickly as possible.

I will try to make this blog as simple and easy to follow as possible. I will be looking for ways to update it with searches and categories. I will be scouring the web, looking for blogs and websites with good ideas that I can incorporate into my page. If you have suggestions specifically for my page, I think I will have a separate section to put those comments.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy FairTax at UF.


Anonymous said...

Young Man, I assume you are young!
This is a wonderful site....I must tell you I am looking forward to what is to follow, and will be sending it to other FairTaxers...
Blessings, to you,

brendaj said...

As the mom of a future gatorgal (we hope!! Early decision is right around the corner), I'm glad to see that there is a FAIR TAX presence on the UF campus. I believe that we need the wisdom of maturity AND the vibrance of youth to get this done.

Anonymous said...

Nice site!
I am for the flat tax, sales tax based is fine with me.

The idea of a rebate check bothers me, that seems to beg for trouble. Why not be able to exempt 'necessary items' instead?


If a poor person must be exempted (which is not a flat tax), issue them a special credit like card.
This card could allow a reduced or zero tax rate as deemed fit.
The totals spent on such a card could be limited to their income to protect from abuse.

Dragon said...

I was wondering exactly how the prebate bothers you -- you didn't really go into it, much.