Wednesday, July 26, 2006

We've got momentum baby!

Just a throwback to one of my favorite artists, Toby Mac, and one of his best songs, Momentum.

Today I am going to write a quick little synnopsis of why I think the FairTax has momentum and actually WILL get passed.

Republicans squaring off in 3rd District

This article walks you through a race for a Republican seat in the third district in Kansas City and the positions the candidates are taking on issues. The FT used to be an issue that only those closest to the movement really cared at all about, and no one ever considered even mentioning it in the same sentence as "running for office." Now, there if a candidate running as a supporter of the movement.

"Ahner supports the FairTax system, which would eliminate the federal income tax and replace it with a sales tax on products and services."

This is a general overview of the extreme basics of the FT, it isn't perfect, but its close enough for a single sentence. My point isn't the article's treatment of the FT, I could go on for days about that. My point is that this is just one more example of how much momentum the FT has gotten.

The FairTax is being used as a platform in one of the two main parties. This is BIG. I am happy!

Also, when you take into account what I wrote about yesterday, that politicians who currently hold office are using just the NAME of the FairTax to move their political agendas forward. That is proof enough for me that the FairTax is scaring politicians and making them act, even if it is to run the other way for some.

Go Gators and go FairTax!

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Dutch said...

Momentum shouldn't be confused with a group of advocates "drinking their own bathwater"! All money bills originate in the House W&M committee, Revenue subcommittee. Of the 13 members of the subcommittee, only one favors the Fairtax-Rep.Linder. Of the 41 members of the full committee, only three support the Fairtax. And we all know that only 55 of the 435 House members now support HR25. No Democrats have come out in support of HR25. The probability of HR25 being taken up in committee in the next two years is nil. And if the D's take over the House in November, the Fairtax will become a distant memory. Please tell me again where you detect all this momentum?