Monday, July 24, 2006


I am a student at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

I am studying Industrial Engineering (not for long I think), and I am a supporter of the FairTax.

I first heard about the FairTax (heretofore known as FT) while listening to 97.3 The Sky [] , a local talk radio station. The talk show host who was talking about it was Neal Boortz []. He says that he had supported the idea of a national retail-sales tax (NRST) []. To replace the current tax code for over twenty years, and recently he had begun learning specifically about the FT from Rep. John Linder (R-GA) [], the author of the FairTax Bill, HR 25.

The FT, to him, was the most reasonable plan in motion that would help our country escape from the current punishing income tax, and replace it with a workable NRST. I began to do a little research and became interested, but the concept was still beyond me, and I lost interest.

Then Neal announced that he was going to release a book with John Linder entitled the FairTax Book. [] I waited for weeks until the book was finally released. I went to purchase the book on the day it came out, but every book store in town was sold out. Neal Boortz came to Gainesville that week to a book store for a book signing, and I did not arrive in time to get a book, but I did get a book plate signed.

I then finally found a book in a book store in Jacksonville, and I read it in a few days. I ate it up!

The whole concept was amazing, and from that day forward I became a supporter.

I didn't start getting involved in any kind of activism, however, until a few months ago. I joined a forum [], and the support and energy I witnessed on that site immediately drove me to join the local Gainesville group. I am now in charge, along with my female friend AA (these are her initials, her name will not be mentioned until she gives me permission to use it), of the local events subcommittee. We work to find events in the surrounding area where the group could promote the FT.

I am now starting this blog to talk about my efforts specifically. I want to describe the different types of people I communicate with about the FT and their reactions. I want to post my own rebuttals to anti-FT articles that I come across. I want to be a resource to whomever needs information on the FT.

I am also going to be starting an official group on the University of Florida campus. I will be documenting my efforts to do this, and the responses I get from individuals on the college campus.

Until next time!
FairTax Gator

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